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Notebook 10.1
Product Name:Notebook 10.1

Product No:0947-111
Model:10.1 LED
Special Price: 2.5US Dollar/pc
Last update:2013.11.17
Manufacturer:XinYuan Battery
   Products Introduction

This cable is suitable for 10.1"/11.6"/12.5"/13.3"/14.0"/15.6" LED Panel


To Panel connector:
    I-PEX 20453 40PIN
    included BL interface (31PIN-40PIN)


To Controller connector:


NO.   Signal        Item Description

1       VDD          Power Supply for Panel

2       VDD          Power Supply for Panel

3       VDD          Power Supply for Panel

4       GND          Ground

5       GND          Ground

6       GND          Ground

7       RXO0-        LVDS Odd 0- Signal

8       RXO0+        LVDS Odd 0+ Signal

9       RXO1-        LVDS Odd 1- Signal

10      RXO1+       LVDS Odd 1+ Signal

11      RXO2-        LVDS Odd 2- Signal

12      RXO2+       LVDS Odd 2+ Signal

13      GND          Ground

14      GND          Ground

15      RXOC-        LVDS Odd Clock- Signal

16      RXOC+       LVDS Odd Clock+ Signal

17      NC           No Connection

18      NC           No Connection

19      NC           No Connection

20      NC           No Connection

21      NC           No Connection

22      NC           No Connection

23      NC           No Connection




NO.        Signal         Item Description

1           12V         +12V DC Power Supply

2           12V         +12V DC Power Supply

3            BLO         Back_Light ON/OFF Control

4            ADJ         Brightness Adjustment

5            GND        Ground

6            GND        Ground


This cable is applied to use on 10.1"/11.6"/12.5"/13.3"/14.0"/15.6" LED Panel

   Listed some examples as following :

 Some LCDs Model NO. 

10.1   such as  LP101WSA-TLA1LP101WX1-SLN1LP101WH1-TAL1

11.6   such as  LP116WH1-TLA1LTN116AT01-201B116XW01

12.5   such as  LP125WH2-SLB1LTN125AT01-201, B125XW01

13.3   such as  LP133WH1-TLA1, LTN133AT21-C01, B133XW01

14.0   such as  LP140WH1-TLA1, LTN140AT07-D01, B140XW01

15.6   such as  LP156WH2-TLA1, LTN156AT02-A04, B156XW01

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