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Automatic tester machine for 18650 cells Resistance and Voltage
Product Name:Automatic tester machine for 18650 cells Resistance and Voltage

Product No:63356-585
Special Price: 3000US Dollar/pcs
Last update:2014.06.28
Manufacturer:XinYuan Battery
   Products Introduction


1.Automatically sorting of 18650 cells voltage and internal resistance

2.It can be diveded into 10 grading levels

3.Voltage separation: it can set the upper and lower limits of cells voltage

4.Internal resistance upper and lower limits can be set to 10 levels, its value can be adjusted

5.High precision,high speed,some of the accessories are from Japan.

6.Intergrated PC, mature management,PC monitor, clear to see

7.Professional control card, stable and reliable

8.High-grade drive and quick segmentation

9.Process detection signal is comprehensive, variable, and reliable

10.It can test 2000 pcs to 3000 pcs 18650 cells per hour, price will be varied.


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