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Dell laptop battery charge command Smbus key gas gauge board
Product Name:Dell laptop battery charge command Smbus key gas gauge board

Product No:231947-234
Special Price: 8.3US Dollar/pcs
Last update:2014.07.06
Manufacturer:XinYuan Battery
   Products Introduction

Item Function:

This SMB stick board aims to charge and discharge Dell laptop battery!

as we know,dell battery should charge or discharge on dell laptop,otherwise it will not easy to charge battery,but as for some battery manufacturers or battery repair shops, they do not always have the right dell laptop to charge dell battery, even customers who want to repair dell battery,they can't always ship laptop as well as battery to repair shops,so we design this PCB to solve the problem,they can charge dell battery with the help of this pcb. no need charge on dell laptop. 

Connect this pcb and power supply,then it will charge dell battery,disconnect the SCL SDA wire of the pcb,then it will discharge dell battery

it will auto send charge command to dell battery , and make it charge enable from empty to full.

It supports all dell battery charging and discharging.

If you need it , please contact 

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