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How to choose a good Laptop?
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                      How to choose a good Laptop?
As a mobile office worker your unique needs for a laptop computer mean that what you want in a laptop will differ from those looking for personal use laptops. You want a laptop that you can take with you easily. You need to have the ability to connect to the Internet and company networks in a variety of methods and have a laptop capable of undertaking your daily work tasks. Evaluate the tasks you perform and compare them against the laptop features to ensure you get the right laptop.

When making the decision to buy a laptop for mobile use, it's important to consider the options you have available. You can purchase new, used or refurbished or even lease a laptop. Decide what factors are most important and keep in mind what your budget will allow. If state of the art technology is key, then leasing is your best option. Examine your options before you buy a lapop.

The next important criteria when you buy a laptop is size and weight. The best choices for mobile office workers are thin & light laptops and ultra-portable designs. You'll find these laptops offer the best mobility options and make the most sense when you have to travel with your laptop. Laptops meant to replace desktop systems may be too heavy to carry for long periods of time but can provide features valuable to mobile professionals.

As a mobile office worker, having the ability to connect to an office network and the Internet are integral to successfully working in a mobile environment. Laptops with multiple connection options are what will suit mobile workers and leave them with the ability to get connected in practically any situation. Consider the different types of situations where you will need remote access and make sure that your laptop will have the networking capabilities included or easily added.

Mobile workers need laptops that have long battery lives and even better are laptops that allow you to add an extra battery. You never know if your mobile work will take you to places where electricity is not an option. Traveling by air, rail or bus are prime examples. It's also worth looking at how long it takes to recharge your laptop batteries.

Security Features
Mobile office workers must accept that their laptop will be a prime target for theft. Know what security measures you can take and what security options are available with the laptop you choose. Making the decision for a higher-end laptop that includes security options can save you money and grief.

Just as mobile office workers need to consider the above, they must also realize what the minimum and maximum acceptable specifications laptops have. It makes no sense to buy the smallest laptop possible but not have the processor speed or RAM to carry out your job functions. Keyboards and monitors are also important - if they are too small you won't be able to work effectively and may perhaps cause injury or strain.

As with all technology, mobile office technology is constantly changing and improving. If your laptop can't be upgraded it can be become a hindrance rather than an effective tool. Watch for laptops that have onboard components that can't be upgraded and try to avoid those. Remember that networking technology is always improving and changing and you could be left without an efficient means of connecting to your company network or the Internet.

Warranties & Support
As a mobile worker it's key that your laptop be in good working order and if you do need repair work that you have resources for either quick repair or replacement. Purchasing additional warranty coverage and getting 24/7 support are important considerations when looking at laptop manufacturers. It's also important to know if the laptop manufacturer provides local and/or international support.

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