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how to recreate a good senc file:
Updated:2011.08.17 Source:Battery,Chips,Adaptor cables,DC jack,Repair tools,Tester, Protective Circuit Board,Welding machine Clicks:

The default senc comes from the IC has the hidden constant = 0. You can do the following to recreate a good senc file:

1. Extract the dataflash image from your current senc file (use bqEASY to read out a dfi file). This will reserve all your DF configuration, calibration data, chemistry, learned R/Qmax (if you done a learning cycle).

2. Download the default senc file from the device product page (under "Tools and Software"). Program it to a device

3. Program the dfi file from step 1 to the device.

Now you should have a good senc file to use.